I am a Designer - Maker and Photographer in one. I have studied Product and Furniture Design for five years and have been a freelance photographer for a couple of years now.  Having finished my studies (BA and MA), I am now looking forward to the career ahead. I have a great passion for both fields, happily keep on learning new skills and developing myself within them. I love joining photography with design. Taking pictures or filming of what I do is inseparable.  One does not come without the other.
Creativity is what I strive. Making is what I love. Learning is what I cannot live without. This describes me as a creative overall.
As a Designer – Maker I love exploring unknown techniques and new materials. Finding new ways of working with materials is what defines me as a Designer – Maker. Making products with my own hands give me a sense of achievement which is essential for my personal and professional development. It allows to improve my current knowledge and gives me new skills. When designing, I make sure that the object is useful and serves a purpose.
As a photographer I enjoy peoples smiles and documenting real emotions. These are the best to portray the reality and express how someone is feeling. Taking pictures is one, but making sure that those shots are clean and just perfect is another thing photographer deals with. I spend a great deal of time to edit them too, also making sure that it does not distort the reality and keeps the original memory within it.
With love,
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